Register Form





  • The information enclosed is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    I understand that:
    1. The application may be returned if incomplete in any way.
    2. The application requires the applicant and their management to commit to the entire course and adhere to Mana Ririki Terms, Conditions and Policies.
    3. Payment in full of the Course Fees is due immediately on receipt of confirmation that the registration has been accepted. If payment has not been received by ten working days prior to the course commencement date, the registration will be cancelled forthwith.
    4. Withdrawal or failure to attend this course will not result in a refund. Once fees have been paid there will be NO reimbursement.
    5. I agree to complete all my assessments on time and follow the assessment procedures.
    6. I agree to use only Mana Ririki Tikanga Ririki resources when delivering this programme to clients/whānau and will not photocopy whole or part recognising that the programme is under copyright.
    7. I agree to provide Mana Ririki with evaluations and reporting needed for the ongoing development of the Tikanga Ririki programme. It is my individual responsibility to comply with any accreditation requirements.
    8. I will not deliver the Tikanga Ririki Programme for a fee to private clients who are not part of my organisation’s clients.
    9. I pledge that I am committed to being a violence free parent/whānau member by role modelling the Tikanga Ririki values, beliefs and parenting techniques.

    If your application is successful it is expected that you will:
    Successfully attend and complete your registered workshop blocks. All training days are mandatory.
    Submit assessments by due date or contact Mana Ririki staff within the required timeframe for an extension.
    Upon completion of the Tikanga Ririki Accreditation programme and your certification, you agree to provide reporting and evaluation requirements to Mana Ririki.